About the Soldiers’ Home

Established in 1952, The Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke is a state-funded and multifaceted health care facility available to eligible veterans of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

View from the Soldier's Home in HolyokeThe Home provides full-time long-term care residential accommodations, an on-site dental clinic, a veterans’ assistance center, and an outpatient department. The Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke is governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees comprised of Western Massachusetts residents who are appointed by the Governor to oversee management of the organization.

The mission of the Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke is to provide, with honor and dignity, the highest quality of personal health care services to Massachusetts Veterans.

entrance-signThe Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke is fully accredited by The Joint Commission and inspected annually by the Veterans Administration. Detailed information about eligibility requirements, admissions procedures and costs/charges for services rendered at the Soldiers’ Homes for Veterans is on the official website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The page for the Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke can be found at http://www.mass.gov/hly.

canteen-tableThe Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke is also on Facebook. The Home regularly posts updates on its Facebook page and is a good resource of information on current happenings and activities. You do not have to subscribe to Facebook to view photos and learn about events. The Home’s Facebook page is www.facebook.com/HolyokeSoldiersHome.

The Home publishes a Veterans & Family Handbook, which provides detailed information for residents of the Home.  Click here for an online version of the Handbook (pdf).

anniversary-coupleHere are direct links to information most frequently requested by Veterans, family members and visitors:

Eligibility Requirements for Soldiers’ Homes Find out about service dates of eligibility, required documentation, as well as exceptions to these requirements and contact information at the Soldiers’ Homes for direct inquiries.

Admissions Process and Application Information on the major steps required to apply to the Soldiers’ Homes, including a downloadable application form.

Costs/Charges Information on all relevant charges and costs for veterans staying at either the Holyoke or Chelsea Soldiers’ Homes.

Click Here for the phone numbers of key staff at the Soldiers’ Home.